DIRECT PHARMACY - Direct-pharmacy.COM is valid, complaints were for .NET

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Please note that the complaints logged here are NOT for our web site, We are a legitimate site in business for over 6 years now.

The company in question that is written up here is .NET - and they are now no longer even on the web. They are a completely different company that we are NOT associated with in any way. Our web site has been in business since 2004 and have not had complaints with our pharmacy or processes that we have not taken care of immediately with satisfaction.

Please do not hold the above or previous comments against OUR site as we are not the one that the complaints are about. Feel free to contact us at any time through our web site at

Direct Pharmacy Buyer Beware! fradulent &corrupt business practices

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I ordered phenternine from Direct-Pharmacy in Florida and gave my prescription information to them, including my doctor's address and phone.In fine print, they do state that in the event that the doctor does not approve the script, they will send you a substitute, which can not be returned.

They never called my doctor, though they stated that they did, and that he denied the prescription, which was a lie, and went ahead and sent me an over the counter medication and charged me the same price as the prescription drug. Buyer BEWARE.

They are making millions with this scam.

Review about: Phentermine.


Naples, Florida, United States #628215

They are not going to send you a controlled substance without verification from your doctor, and they are sure as heck not going to send you a narcotic just by talking to your doctor. Narcotics can not be voice approved, they have to be hard copy written on tamper proof paper with the physician's DEA number on them. So your whole complaint is invalid.


I also odered CIALIS from an online pharmacy for the first time ever thinking i was getting a deal since i pay so much for my needed medicine.I ordered it from a websit called direct-pharmacy on 10-9-08 and they confirmed my order the next day with an email ( Direct Pharmacy ) along with an order number.

Within that email they gave me a phone number that no longer works, as well as their website no longer exists, at least the one i saved in my favorites to come back to later, and they do not responed if i email them. Now they have my Name, phone number, mailing address, and credit card number as well as $94.46 they scamed from me.

Visa is taking care of my dispute, i hope they can resolve my lost money as well.:?

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